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To give you an insight into topics ftm covers, below are  some archived articles,  from 2004 - 2005, that Mr. Stone has written for followthemedia

In Europe many Newspapers Fought Against the Free Tabloids by Becoming Tabloid Themselves. But how do you fight against the "Free"?

Global Newspaper Circulation Up, Global Newspaper Advertising Up. So What's the Doom and Gloom All About? Because the big growth is in Asia, Not Europe or the US.

With newspaper advertising beginning to move to the Internet newspapers need to ensure it goes to their web sites. Multi-platform has never been more important. 

Local Video a Must for Newspaper Web Sites As Broadband penetration expands. And it's not very expensive.

Newspaper Web Sites Proving Popular, and Attracting the Younger Audience. But how to converge with the print edition?

Newspapers Take Advantage of the Digital Revolution -- Mobile as well as the Internet. The Multi-platform information provider becomes the norm, not the exception.

What People Want Most from Their Mobiles Is NOT television, radio or the Internet but Instead Multimedia Peer-to-Peer Communication. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for the media to flog its goods.

Newspapers Are Using Cash To Buy Internet Sites; no one wants their shares in payment. Internet entrepreneurs don't mind selling to newspapers but they don't want newspaper company  shares.

Newspaper Share prices underperform the Markets. And the Forecasts are Not good. Wall Street institutions Still Believe given performance that newspapers shares will come down even more. 

Google's 2004 sales were $3.2 billion. Time-Warner's were 13 Times Higher. So How Come Google's Market Capitalization Makes It the Largest US Media Company? The Internet boom is back!

Search Engines Are Going to Give Telelvision Some Big Headaches. And when it is John Malone Saying that then the  industry had better pay attention.

Google and Yahoo Rake in the Money While Newspapers Languish  Far Behind. The market capitalizations of the search engines leave traditional media out of the running.

Three US Newspaper Groups Buy Topix.net to get more news exposure, But AFP Sues Google. Who Has It Right? Actually, both -- its all to do with wholesale and retail.

Bertelsmann, Virtually Debt-Free, Finds European Television Its Most Profitable Business. And it's looking for more.

French, Spanish and Italian Backers Rescue Le Monde. And now to find out if what works in Spain and Italy to successfully market newspapers can work in France. 

US Newspaper Web Sites Grew 2004 Advertising by 26.7%; Printing Advertising Grew 3.9%. Which do you think is the growth market? Their web sites earned $1.5 billion in 2004, but still a far cry from the $47 billion for print.

Changing to Tabloid Stabilizes Circulation But Advertisers Won't Pay the Same For What They See As Less Space. But you don't have to give too much away. 

Newspapers Are Forgetting A Lesson Learned Long Ago -- Less Is Best. With so much newsprint to wade through each day, readers have decided it’s not worth the effort, and they are turning elsewhere for something more news-friendly.

American Publishers Are Beginning to Think Seriously About Switching to Tabloid. American broadsheet publishers have always maintained they can keep the free tabloids at bay and switching to tabloid themselves was not an option. But now there are some chinks in that armor.

Can A Media Web Site Become Too Popular? From initially hoping that web news sites would just go away, to then adopting the “if you can’t beat them join them but with as little as possible” strategy to then jumping in with no holds barred, the media has grappled since the Internet began to define its rightful place on the web.

What Worries The Media the Most About CNN’s Eason Jordan Is Not What He Said, But Rather How You Found Out What He Said
Blogging Has Become a powerful new force in US journalism. 

Keep an Eye on Lagardère: Media Revenues Up 8%, Dumps Most of Its T-Online Stake, Readies Investment in Le Monde and Canal Plus, and Has Eyes Set Firmly on US Expansion And the French media company has its eyes set on US expansion.

Murdoch Takes a Pragmatic View of the European Media Scene: The Satellite TV Business is Good and Free Tabloids Hurt Paid-For Newspapers. When he passes judgment on the European media scene, as he recently did, media professionals should take note.

SanomaWSOY, Axel Springer, Ringier, WAZ and Handelsblatt Expand, Consolidate East European Operations. But Lagardere Looks to US Hispanic Market. SanomaWSOY's €142 million takeover of Dutch-owned Independent Media, Russia’s largest publisher of consumer magazines, marks yet another continuing step by Europe’s leading publishing houses to become dominant media players in East Europe. 

The Young Don't Read the Boston Globe So Its Owner (New York Times) Tries A Novel New Approach: It Buys Into the Free Newspaper They do Read. It could give the word "convergence" a whole new meaning.

Television, Italian Style: Rupert Murdoch Learns That Prime Minister Berlusconi is a Worthy Opponent. If it was fiction, you would say it could never happen in real life!

Three models Emerge To Encourage The Young to Read Newspapers. Will they pay for the printed word?

Italian Newspapers Have It Right -- Sell Those Giveaways! The British Have it wrong -- They Give Away The Giveaways.

The Very Rich (Bankers and Industrialists) Come to the Aid of the Very Poor (French National Newspapers). But Is It In Time? -  To Burn Money, who better than France's richest industrialists and bankers?

Ringier Reports Most Successful Year Ever, Leaving a Bitter Swiss Pill for Closed Hungarian Newspaper, Magyar Hirlap. A lesson in Western media economics. 

European and US Court Decisions Basically Agree on Sports Results Licensing. It boils down to how much significant investment the organizer has made to provide the information

National News Agencies Must Re-Think Their Text Products. With more and more newspapers switching to tabloid size, their news needs have changed dramatically

Reuters Goes After the Consumer Media Market (again). A strategy that  should gives its media division a major lift, and a brand new way of looking at the business.  

One Nipple for One Second Equals a $550,000 Fine. If the FCC had Power Over Europe the US National Debt Would be in Surplus!  

French National Newspapers -- An Endangered Species Provincial Newspapers are doing OK, magazine readership remains strong, but French national newspapers are in real trouble and some may not survive.

It's Not Dan Rather, Rather It's US Journalism  Dan Rather's fall from grace once more places US journalism in the "Trust" court. And the jury -- the US public -- are not pleased. 

Size Does Count -- Small is Better (for newspapers) Conversion to tabloid picks up pace. And not all brand new tabloids are free.

Free Newspaper Tops  Swiss Circulation   Blick switch to tabloid doesn't stop 20 Minutes from capturing circulation crown. 

Traditional Media Still Preferred For News  Breaking news draws Internet upsurge but day-in, day-out traditional media preferred.

Keep The Spending Floodgates Closed. US media advertising growth slipping in H2. Same for Europe. The doldrums continue.

You Prefer Your Olympics Live Or Taped Delayed?  We in Europe must thank NBC for showing the Olympics in the US via prime-time tape delay.

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