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We Are Niche Experts in Various Aspects of the Media Business -- All Dedicated to Helping You Do Better


Stone & Associates is a group of veteran managers, most of whom have spent their working lives in the media business. Each associate has a particular niche. Among our activities we:

   advise senior management on the clear way forward for expanding markets and increasing margins 

advise what needs to be done to ensure double-digit percentage annual contribution increases 

   negotiate major contracts on your behalf (are you paying too much or leaving money on the table?)

   give internal presentations about news to non-editorial staff of media organizations who dont really understand their companys media business

   act as your news representative  in Switzerland

   provide sales and motivational training, emphasizing  specific problem solving

   produce original research about the European media and also report on media research produced by governmental and non-governmental bodies that seldom makes headlines

   give after lunch/dinner speeches to non-media groups/meetings that are often amazed hearing how the news reaches their morning newspaper or the evening television newscast

   give after lunch/dinner speeches to media groups interested in hearing the latest information affecting their industry

   organize sales conferences, providing all the video and technical requirements for such meetings including the visuals to match the speakers text

   organize major exhibitions for clients/prospects

   produce on your behalf regular company newsletters and/or other publications

   advise companies how to deal with the journalistic feeding frenzy when the media start to pounce as they smell trouble.

   advise on how to advance and protect the brand

   ensure that you give the best customer service

   have particular expertise in the workings of news agencies, news pictures agencies, and broadcasters

The leading associate is Philip M. Stone with more than 30 years experience in the media world.  Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Mr. Stone has held several senior positions with news agencies, the most recent as Managing Director of Reuters Media business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The associates are mostly those people Mr. Stone has worked with on different projects over the years. Thus, there is a long personal knowledge that the associates are of the highest calibre.


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