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How Are Your Sales? Do Your People "Believe" In Their Product? We Help Motivate Them for Better Results


Each of us have our own particular way of doing things. What works for one person may not work for another. But in sales we do know there are basic rules that work for just about everyone. Couple those rules with “belief” and “passion” and the sales come rolling in.

Sales success is measured by how each sales  person adapts the rules, the passion, and their belief in their own success to their own way of doing things.  And that is the thrust of our Sales Training/Motivation/and Problem Solving sessions. We not only go over the basic rules but we ensure sales people are comfortable implementing what they learn, and they do so in the most enthusiastic, passionate, way possible.

Too often in the sales class, the trainer explains the sales rules, followed by role playing. The students repeat like parrots what the trainer told them, but their words often lack “spirit” and conviction. You just know that once outside the classroom they will throw away most of what they were told. They just don’t feel comfortable doing sales “that way”.

Our secret is to ensure that students adapt what they learn to their own personality. Not everything works for everybody, but we make sure they “take the best” even if it means “leaving the rest”. There is nothing more discouraging for a sales manager than to spend money on sales training and see very little benefit later from the sales figures.

We do not believe in abstract training. We attack the specific objections your sales people experience on the street so we can target  the right approach.

We prefer to keep the size of the training classes rather small, so more personal attention can be given to each employee. Because of information overload, the training lasts just two days with a recommended one-day review session three months later. We also offer a one-day “basic” program for those companies who don’t want their people “off the streets” for more than a day.

Again, we stress – we problem-solve the real problems YOUR sales people encounter every day. We transfer what we have learned from our own successful selling experiences to the products your people are selling.

Some examples of what the training could cover:

One of the basics of good selling is to listen to your prospect. Yet most sales people will talk and talk and talk. They know they shouldn’t, but they can’t help themselves. We make them listen!

Those sales people who are not “naturals” sometimes have great difficulty in “asking for the business.” They can talk about their products, convince the prospect, but deep inside themselves they feel it “demeaning” to actually “ask” for the business. And if they are turned down their confidence is gone. Those same sales people deep inside themselves sometimes even think it is “degrading” to be a salesperson! And you wander why they don’t produce results! We give them the confidence to be proud of being a salesperson and enthusiastic to ask for the business.

But when they do ask for the business and they are turned down, is that the end? No!  It means there are still objections out there that the sales person has not addressed. How to find those objections?  We concentrate on this!

And what do you do when, to put it bluntly, your sales person knows the selling basics but appears to have had a “charisma bypass”?  We’ll do our best to install the passion.

The session is sprinkled with real examples of the problems a sales person can face and how to handle them. For example:

Ø The competition is selling its product at half-price.
Ø The competition is giving the prospect all the equipment necessary to receive the product. We make them buy the equipment.
Ø   Actually, our product isn’t as good as theirs.
   For clients on long-term contracts, you want some hefty annual rate increases.
Ø   The competition has a great reputation for quality and service.
Ø   According to press reports your company is in a difficult financial situation, but your competition is rock solid.

If you can handle those types of “objections” and situations then you can probably handle anything anybody throws at you.


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