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So, You Think Your Non-Journalistic Employees Know What News Is? Think Again. When They Find Out, However,  the Corporate Team Spirit Gets a Big Lift. Can You Answer the Basic Question, "What Is News?"



It is often said that he/she who receives the news first is “all powerful”. He/she who receives the news second or beyond is often “powerless”. Why? And for that matter, what exactly is news? And why is news so important in our daily lives?

These are just some of the topics in an entertaining presentation taking  the audience into a news world that affects us around the clock; yet we really have very little knowledge about what news is, how it is created, how it gets delivered, and how large a part it plays in our daily lives.

The presentation is aimed at two audiences and is tailored to each:

1.   A presentation with slides and video aimed at the non-news employees of media organizations – the secretaries, accountants, lawyers, human resources executives etc., whom, we have found, actually have very little knowledge about the news business. Yet once we give them a basic understanding of what news people do, and how they do it, we have found this produces far greater teamwork and esprit de corps throughout the entire organization.

2.  An after meal speech targeted at the general public: Like the non-news employees, they have very little knowledge about the news business, but they are fascinated to learn how it operates. And how news affects their daily lives.

News is so important that certain professions pay a great deal of money to receive information first. In the financial community, for instance, earning millions of whatever currency you care to name can rely on getting information before anyone else has it, or at the very least, at the same time as others get it. And what if that information is wrong? Millions of that currency can be lost just as easily

These presentations, given by Philip M. Stone, delves into this mysterious world of news in a thoroughly entertaining manner, with many true examples of how fortunes have been made or lost just because someone got the news first or got the wrong news. 

And if you don’t think that kind of information affects our daily lives, then think again. Mr. Stone, who has been in the news business for more than 30 years, shows how news, and getting it first, is also very important to the ordinary man/woman on the street. It’s a speech that has the audience buzzing afterwards “…I didn’t know that!”


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