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Are You Ready For A PR Disaster? Can You Handle The Media When They Smell Corporate Blood? We Can Train You How Not to Make a Bad Situation Even Worse. 

      (When Things Go Really Wrong)

The test of any relationship is when things go wrong. Itís easy to be on good terms with your bank manager, for instance, when your account is in credit. But then you write checks with insufficient funds and that friendly bank manager is suddenly sending you very unfriendly letters. Same goes for corporate/media relationships. When everything is ok, media relationships are fine and cozy, but if your company gets itself into serious trouble, what then? 

How would you have liked to be the PR person for Martha Stewart, or run PR at Enron or WorldCom? Remember the Perrier disaster? How about Firestone? Merck? 

Disaster can strike at any time, usually when you are least expecting it. And what do you do? First tip: Donít even think that your ďfriendsĒ in the media will be kind to you. Put bluntly, theyíll just as quickly consider you dead meat for the feeding frenzy about to begin.

Companies must be prepared to handle the worst situations. And we can advise on what you should and should not do. And who should, and should not do it. Do you tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or better to stonewall it? And we offer practice sessions. Have the hardest, rudest questions thrown at you and see how do you respond? Do you look trustworthy on camera? Nervous?  A good corporate image?

You never know when such calamity will strike. But with this training you can be prepared for the worst.

On a related subject, if your organization is planning a major international conference we can also help with media relations. We are seeing more and more that some of the media write about organizational failure in addition to what happened at the event. And if there are serious happenings going on outside the conference centre you donít really want all the news coverage to be about that instead of your conference. You canít stop people writing about anything they want, but you can steer them in the direction you want if you have the right skills. 

There are media stars in need of pampering. Some journalists are more equal than others. And you really want to make sure none of them have anything to complain about. We can help make those media relations flow smoothly.


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