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We Can Assist You with New Projects, With Services Ranging From  Writing the Business Plan to Managing the Project Itself. 


We help media clients establish new businesses or expand into those areas they have little experience. We can also keep you out of financial trouble! Three of our recent projects involved:

   1. Developing a turnkey plan for a national European news agency to develop English language services. We specified the products, arranged for out-of-country inexpensive translation/editing services via a third party (much less expensive than doing it themselves), supplied sales and administrative support, and even negotiated the deals with major global aggregators to take the services into their archives on favorable revenue share terms.  

   2. A European-based  international news pictures agency which had depended on a third party to provide pictures from outside Europe decided it wanted to do everything itself. We recommended various changes to their initial plans, co-wrote the business plan, found the photographers for major world centers participated in the senior management meetings etc. 

   3. A major international news agency said it wanted to establish a competing product for a news sector it was not a player in. We investigated the market and wrote a report recommending AGAINST the venture on a global basis -- the losses would have been enormous and it was doubtful they could ever make money,  and doing it for the brand recognition alone was not worth the cost. Proof that we don't just tell our clients what they want to hear -- they really wanted to go into this venture -- but rather we report what we believe to be true. Senior management, upon reading our report, is now taking a very slow measured approach, testing the waters in particular countries they should do well within, rather than making a global launch.

Given the above, there is no reason, for instance, that other national news agencies or leading newspapers can not translate specified parts of their services into English at very little cost. Aggregators are hungry for English language material which is specific to their needs. We know those needs, and we know how you can produce such services very economically, and you make a monthly profit. And we can make the deal with the aggregator. As a bonus you have that English language material which you can add to your own web site to make it that much more attractive to your foreign  readers and advertisers.

We can recommend to you additional product lines and how to expand your markets. We'll also be brutally honest -- telling you if we think your ideas will fly, or whether you should think again.


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