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We  Assist Senior Management To Run a More Efficient Operation and We Advise on New Business -- From Writing  the Business Plan to Managing the Project  


How many times have you written an email or letter, read it and re-read it, was sure it was perfect and sent it off. And then later you took another look at a copy and found all those spelling and grammar mistakes? That’s why most news organizations insist that before stories are released to the public two separate people have read and edited them. The journalist is so familiar with what is written that he just doesn’t “see” the mistakes. But the copy editor does (most of the time). 

The same philosophy applies on the business side, whether it focuses on the company's current practices or implementing new projects.  

It sometimes takes that second pair of eyes to take a new look at how an organization is run and to recommend policy changes for increasing margins. We act as a consultant to senior management, providing a clear vision on the way forward. We identify activities you should change, increase, or cease. 

We also can recommend new activities and/or markets you should explore and our services range from writing the business plan to managing  the project. In this vein we have shown a national news agency how it can increase revenues by selling services to aggregators, and how national news pictures agencies can become "international"  

On a retainer basis, we also provide advice as and when requested. 

We have particular knowledge of the news, news picture agency and broadcast business.


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