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Take a Look Below at the Many Opportunities You May Have at Your Finger Tips to Earn Additional Media Revenues.  


Our associates have worked within a media environment for most of their careers.  Among the subjects, in no particular order, on which we have been active:

   With  New Media making its comeback but with web sites still finding it difficult to make news content pay its way, how does a content provider continue to maintain annual double digit contribution increases?

   What can a web site do to make news pay? Alternatives to the advertising model.

   How much should newspaper, broadcaster, web site etc. pay for news and information? Can you get the same product for less? Do you even need to pay for it?

   What value to place on a news sources brand?

   A sensitive ego issue, but in buying information services just how good a negotiator are you?  Tips on making the best deal.

   You have all these glossy analogue pictures in your files dating back to the turn of the century and you would just love to get it all digitized. But you think the cost is prohibitive? Not if you do it where and how we recommend.

   Interested in starting and/or managing an English language radio station in a country where English is NOT the mother tongue? Is it a good commercial  deal? What are the pitfalls? Our associate has done it.

   Laws are changing in South America allowing foreign investment. Our associate has done business in the region for some 30 years and knows most of the main publishers on a first name basis. Need an introduction?

   Do you have a recent corporate video making use of the latest digital technology. It costs less than you may think and yet gives your company a modern exposure to staff, prospects, and clients.

   Organizing a major event such as an international sales conference can be a major headache. Consider us the aspirin.

   Speech writing, and preparing executives and officials to understand and work with the general and trade press.

   Preparing and evaluating business and strategic plans of media and service organizations.

   Defining and implementing competitive strategies for media and service organizations including cross-media strategies, event marketing, and consumer targeting.

   Defining and analyzing qualitative studies

   Facilitating focus groups


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