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Y Need Occasional News/Sports Reporting From Switzerland? We Can Deliver Quickly  and Efficiently Directly to Your Newsroom.   


When your local personality visits Switzerland don't you wish you could provide the coverage your readers demand. Stories, interviews, pictures directly to your newsroom in real-time? 

And with so many United Nations international agencies located at the Geneva UN European headquarters, plus many other non-governmental organizations headquartered in Geneva (i.e.: The Red Cross),  having your "own" correspondent on-site  will set you apart from your competition. Naturally, the coverage will be to your specific  requirements, and you'll find us very affordable. 

And let's not forget that the governing body of the European Football (soccer) Union (UEFA) is headquartered just a few miles down the road from Geneva in Nyon,  a little further down the same road is the headquarters for the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne,  and then in Zurich is the headquarters of the World Football (Soccer) Association (FIFA). We can be your correspondent  covering those  major international sports organizations. with your local angles.

We can be your "local" correspondent for all of Switzerland and beyond. With our network of news people located across the continent there are few places where we cannot provide that one-off assignment. And with the ease of electronic filing via the internet it means your stories and pictures flow through to your newsroom in real-time. 

And if you are looking for a regular newspaper column which looks at America, with American eyes, but from overseas, then take a look at these samples here. It is really true  that from some distance away you can not only see the great American forest, but also its individual trees and it can look very different than if you were actually within. You'll find the columns give a very different perspective  on how American policies are seen within the global community. If you care about how the world sees America, then these columns should be an eye-opener.





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